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Coat of Arms of Sir James Paul McCartney, Kt, MBE

The design of Sir Paul McCartney’s coat of arms which were granted on his 58th birthday in June 2001, not only incorporate his musical career, but also incorporates his Liverpool roots with the crest showing a Liver bird holding a guitar in its claw. The left-facing helmet has an open visor, as is customary for knights. It was officially granted by Hubert Chesshyre, LVO, Clarenceux King of Arms.

McCartney had originally applied for the coat of arms in 1997, the year he was knighted, but the death of his first wife Linda from cancer in 1998 delayed its design and approval.

The time he spent with fellow band members John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Star are also represented in Sir Paul’s design. The shield, featuring two black curved emblems, is divided in two. The resulting four shapes, resembling beetles’ backs, symbolize McCartney and his fellow Beatles. The two black circles above are representative of records and compact discs, with guitar strings passing over them.

The motto ’ Ecce Cor Meum ’ in Latin is Behold my Heart is the title of the oratorio Sir Paul wrote during his first wife’s Linda’s illness. The coat of arms was delivered to McCartney on 31 December 2002.

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